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Debia is a brand fully owned by Alldebit Pte Ltd, a leading Payment Company in Singapore since 2011 that specializes in both online direct debit and in-store QR alternative payments. Originally, the brand was born out of Alldebit’s need to satisfy the growing demand of QR alternative payments, but instead of just rebranding, we developed the opportunity to create a full brand architecture, with connected sub-brands designed to leverage the future projection of the company. Therefore, empowering Debia to also act as the first and main sub-brand of Alldebit, leading the path towards the acquisition of merchants and partnerships like Alipay, WeChat Pay, Grab Pay, PayNow, ShopeePay, and other new leading digital payments. We believe that the previous logo has garnered the recognition it deserves and adapts well to all the environments in which it is displayed. However, it was not optimally constructed, so we made minor adjustments to enhance its harmony and legibility. In doing so, we considered the dimensions of the letter "i" and established guidelines for character spacing and the clear space area, maintaining the essence of the original. Considering the brand's communication needs, we have broken away from the color hermeticism imposed by the navy blue and green of Debia to incorporate a broader range of colors. This expanded palette allows for the expression of more emotions at various touchpoints. Additionally, we have developed a tonal range of the primary colors to address digital and product needs. We are retaining the current typography due to its versatility and effectiveness across all brand impact areas. We have created a size hierarchy based on the type of communication, with adjustments in the kerning for each weight to improve legibility. Furthermore, we have developed components with their variants and properties within our own design system to streamline our visual impact efforts. To ensure better legibility of our texts over images or complex backgrounds, we have designed a container layout that will help highlight the messages we want to convey. This layout is based on the pixel resource that shaped the visual expression in 2017, inspired by the right-angle forms derived from QR Codes. The new icon family is now better optimized for digital environments.

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